Thursday, December 9, 2010

cold hands/warm hearts!

SO a few weeks ago I started this blog. Shortly after, I participated in the cold hands, warm hearts swap. the point of the swap was to be paired up with a fellow blogger to exchange gloves and what ever other little things you thought they would like. through emails i spoke with Nichole (you can see her blog here http://nicholew.typepad.com/colorful_me/) about all kinds of things. I feel like i've learned so much about her and I hope that we can continue to be friends. i sent my package a little late but i can't wait for her to receive it! i hope she loves everything!

So moving on, today my package came from Nichole! I was so excited to rip it open! and inside were lots of cute goodies! not only were the awesome mandatory gloves there, but also, a beautiful (and yellow) bracelet from beadforlife which i love! a journal that i can't wait to use that says "love the little things', a sparkly christmas house tree decoration, some yummy smelling fizzy bath treats, and cute little paper with cupcakes to write on as well! she also included a sweet note as well! i feel so spoiled! but i am thankful for everything!i have pics but they're coming up huge and i don't know how to resize them :( if anyone wants to help me that would be great. thanks again to much love illy and sandyalamode for hosting this great event!